To help free our Huell, we're asking all congregants to MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD!
Pastor Hansford is encouraging you to call him with testimonials describing how Huell has positively affected your life.
You can also write letters to Judge Munsinger in Albuquerque and DONATE to Huell's legal defense team on the home page.
Pastor Hansford
can be reached at:
Letters can be sent to:
The Honorable Judge Benedict Munsinger
Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court
415 Tijeras Ave NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Some of y'all have already called me with your testimonials and I have to say this congregation's keener on Huell than butter on a biscuit. Please read and listen below to just a taste of those beloved tales.

"All the kids love Huell. Every summer he leads classes for Vacation Bible School and since he started helping out, more and more kids sign up. They just love his Moses impression!" - Betty M.
"When I had to leave for my Papaw's funeral, Huell watched my cats. He fed them and remembered to give them their medication. Oscar and Felix have sensitive stomachs and needed lots of love. Now every time he visits, they jump right on his lap." - Pauline B.
"I was in the rectory when the fire started. Having just broke my foot, Huell rushed in to carry me safely out the church. He saved many of us that day. Huell is truly a disciple of God." - Keith Z.
"Huell is so caring and so loving. He calls just to say hello and ask about Sunday's sermon." - Edie L.
"One Easter egg hunt Huell noticed that all the kids had found eggs except my little Maggie. He asked if he could help her and together they found ten eggs. She was so excited!" - Bradley F.
Eloise Luckard
Jake Turner
Leroy Nance